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What We Are playing

  Sorrow's Furnace

Freeholm:  Guardian
Seastone:  Guardian

Davik's Estate:   Empire
The Fatman:   Empire

  What We Were Playing

Gorfang: Destruction
Iron Rock: Order


  What We Are Watching

Who We Are:

The Fallen Sons is a veteran guild specializing in small scale Player vs Player (pvp) content.  We are a community group of players with members from all over the top MMORPG games.  We are united by our stubborn fighting style and ability to make our opponents ragelog in frustration.


We do not openly recruit players. We are a by invitation-only guild and have to get to know you well.   If you would like to run with our guild as a mercenary, submit an application on this site here.    We are full on Canadians, Texans, Frenchies, French-Canadians and Texans stuck in France.
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